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Elk Island Nature Park : A Peaceful Haven in a Busy City

Ivan the Terrible was known to hunt and practice falconry here, and most of the royalty of Russia had reserved Losiny Ostrov National Park, exclusively for their use. In the year 1799, the land on which the park, also referred to as the Elk Island Nature Park, is located, was declared as a reserve, leading to the establishment of the first forest management team in the year 1842. But discussions to declare Elk Island Nature Park as a national park, only came about in 1909 and in 1983, the Losiny Ostrov National Park was officially created.

The reason for the park being known by two names is that Losiny Ostrov, literally means Elk Island. It was the first of its kind to be established in Russia, and is conveniently located in Moscow. Although some of the forest was destroyed during the war, there are still shrubs and trees that date back approximately a hundred and seventy years. It is also a national park that is popular with local and international visitors, as it has a magnificent variety of wildlife and birds that call the park their home.

With over two hundred different species that live in the Elk Island Nature Park, visitors are almost guaranteed to see more than a few animals and colorful birds. Visitors can be on the lookout for animals such as elk, dappled deer, beavers, roe deer, otters and wild boars. Snakes and lizards are sometimes spotted, and red squirrels are always inquisitive enough to come and take a peek at the humans that are walking through their forest. When it comes to bird species, bird watchers should be able to catch a glimpse of an egret, woodpeckers, jays, pheasants, fieldfares and even a grey partridge.

The dense green forests, sparkling streams, tranquility and vibrant flowers, makes an excursion through the Losiny Ostrov National Park, a worthwhile experience. When in Moscow, visitors are recommended to stop off at the park and enjoy the beauty, peacefulness and wildlife, that add natural wonder to one of the biggest cities in Russia and gives everyone the opportunity to discover the magnificence that was once appreciated by tsars and royal families.


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