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Enjoy the Snow at Sheregesh Ski Area

The Sheregesh Ski Area in Russia has been one of the country’s best-kept secrets. Located at the foot of the Altai Mountains, in western Siberia, the ski resort has made the small mining region of Kemorovo a popular skiing destination and Russian attraction. In recent years, the existence of this magnificent skiing attraction has become better known to international visitors, and is no longer used exclusively by locals from Russia.

Snowboarding enthusiasts have also been jumping on the Trans-Siberian Railway and heading towards Siberia, to enjoy the slopes with the approximately twelve thousand skiers who can be seen frolicking on the slopes of the Altai Mountains on good days. The slopes at the Sheregesh Ski Area are known for their reliable snowfall that usually starts in November and comes to an end during the month of March, leaving the trails and ski areas blanketed in a meter of perfect snow.

Temperatures on the slopes often drop to minus twenty degrees Celsius, and snowboarders and skiers are urged to ensure that they are dressed warmly at all times. The climate here is dry, and so is the powder, making the slopes fast and ideal for all snow sports. Almost no ice is formed on the slopes, making it safer and softer. The snow here is known to be the best found in the whole of Russia, and it is for this reason that many snow lovers endure the eight-hour trip from Moscow to the Sheregesh Ski Area.

There are six lifts and four drag-lifts available that will take skiers to any of the five challenging mountain trails. The resort has just recently added a new 6/8-CGD combined lift, in time for the winter season, that has the capability of transporting a thousand people in an hour and has reduced the travel time to just over six minutes. This lift will enable the resort to accommodate the increasing numbers of skiers and visitors.

For those who enjoy skiing in the fast lane, challenging snowboarding routes and adventurous snow mobile trails, then the Sheregesh Ski Area is the place to be. Great accommodation, many attractions and picture perfect slopes lined with beautiful pines and breathtaking views are all on offer.


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