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Experience the Adventure of a Horse Riding Holiday in Russia

Many westerners tend to think of Moscow and St. Petersburg as being Russia, and while it’s true that these ancient cities have much to offer, especially with regard to fascinating history and magnificent architecture, Russia is a vast country of indescribable beauty which is just waiting to be discovered by the more adventurous traveler. There can be no better way to explore the less traveled regions of this great country than on horseback and there are countless options available for those who would like to experience a horse riding holiday in Russia.

A popular choice for a horse riding holiday in Russia is the trail through the Siberian Forests, incorporating the splendid mountain lakes of Altai. The route takes riders through dense forests that have stood untouched by man for thousands of years, over alpine meadows carpeted with multi-colored flowers, along narrow mountain passes and over dry Mongolian steppes. Riders will enjoy two of Russia’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites - the area of Lake Ak-Kem and the highest mountain in Siberia, Mount Belukha – and will have the opportunity of meeting genuine descendents of Genghis Khan and gaining insight into their culture. This fifteen day trip does require riders to be in good physical shape to deal with the changes in altitude along the way.

For those who love horse riding, but prefer to stay a little closer to civilization, there are many accommodation establishments throughout Russia that offer day trips into the local countryside for riders of all levels of experience. Also on offer are troika and duga sled rides for those who are not comfortable with riding a horse – or a combination can be arranged so that you can experience both horse back riding and traveling in a traditional troika.

Russia is so huge that it covers around 11% of the planet’s land surface, and it can take up to a week to cross its ten time zones by train, or approximately ten hours by air. Within this vast country is a world of diversity in scenery, wildlife, peoples and cultures that could take a lifetime to explore. Making a choice for your horse riding holiday in Russia may prove difficult, but whatever choice you make is sure be an unforgettable experience.

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