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Explore Moscow's Underground Military Bunker

Bunker-42 is a previously top-secret Soviet-era military complex located 65-meters below the surface of the ground near the Taganskaya train station in central Moscow. While in the past the bunkers existence was a closely guarded secret, today parts of the complex are open to the public, with some areas even being hired out as a very unusual venue for corporate functions and special occasions.

With the growing threat of nuclear war in a time period known as the Cold War – generally accepted to be between 1945 and 1979 – construction of the Tangansky Protected Command Point began in 1951 using the same building methods that had been employed in constructed the subway. The tunnels of Bunker-42 connect with the city's railway system at two points, providing relatively easy, but closely guarded, access. The bunker was fully equipped with everything needed to sustain life for an extended period of time in the event of a nuclear attack, with two artesian wells functioning as a source of clean drinking water and an air recycling system providing fresh air. The complex could accommodate up to 3,000 people for a period of 90 days without contact from the outside world if necessary.

The bunker was put up for auction in 2006 and was bought by a private company which set about turning it into a tourist attraction, complete with a Cold War Museum and individual or group tours through its tunnel network. On display are models of weapons and communications technology used by the Armed Forces of the USSR, and visitors can watch a fascinating documentary about the Cold War, focusing on the two main antagonists – the USSR and the USA – and discover just how close the world was to experiencing World War III. Special programs are available for children of various ages, including the "Zombie Apocalypse" adventure game and "Initial Military Training in Bunker-42" for high school students.

According to its curators, Bunker-42 and the Cold War Museum stand as a monument to the high level preparedness of the Russian military, the greatness of the 'Motherland' and a testament to the builders' heroic efforts, but also as a reminder of the futility of the armament race and the necessity of maintaining peace.


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