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Explore the History of Poklonnaya Hill

Poklonnaya Hill, or Poklonnaya Gora, is located within Park Pobedy, and is a location that has great historical significance to the city of Moscow and to Russia. Standing at a height of 171.5 meters, it is one of the tallest locations in the city. It is home to Victory Park, which is a tribute to the Second World War that features an outdoor display of tanks and other sights that pay tribute to this time period and those that lost their lives. Poklonnaya Hill has a wonderful variety of attractions as well as nearby sights that are worth exploring and is a recommended excursion for visitors.

It was here that Napoleon waited in vain for the Russians to bring him the Kremlin keys in 1812. One of the most magnificent features at Poklonnaya Hill is the Moscow Triumphal Arch. It was originally erected in the year 1814, but was reconstructed by designer Osip Bove in 1827, constructing the arch from marble and replacing the wood. During the 1960s it was decided that an open air museum should be created here to pay tribute to Russia’s victories, such as defeating Napoleon. In 1962, the Battle of Borodino, which was created by Franz Roubaud between the years 1910 and 1912, was installed in the log house that is now a national monument, as it is where the Fili conference took place. 1968 was the Triumphal Arch relocated to Poklannaya Hill as part of the museum. In 1973, the Kutuzov monument was erected.

A museum dedicated to the Great Patriotic War was also constructed at Poklonnaya Hill, construction of which took place between 1983 and 1995. Part of the outdoor museum includes the Square of Victors and Victory Park where monuments and statues, such as the Nike statue, monument of the slaying of a dragon by St George and an obelisk can be found. Right on top of the hill, visitors will find the Orthodox Church, featuring golden domes, and the hill is also the site of a Holocaust Memorial Synagogue and memorial mosque.

Nearby is the metro station, which is also a popular attraction, as if features breathtaking mosaics that depict the Great Patriotic War, and visitors are reminded to look at the walls of the metro, as they feature wonderful historic pictures. The entire experience of visiting Poklonnaya Hill is rewarding and a journey into the past of Russia. Each monument, museum, tank and structure it a tribute to the turbulent history of the country, wars that were won and tributes to soldiers and innocent citizens who lost their lives. It is a memorial and reminder not to allow history to repeat itself.


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