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Explore the Intriguing Vodka Museum

The Vodka Museum, once located in St. Petersburg, is now situated in Moscow. It is very fitting that the museum was moved to Moscow, as it was here where vodka was born in the fifteenth century, when monasteries started producing grain vodka. This clear alcoholic drink has become synonymous with Russia and is a vital part of the culture and history of the country. Amongst the many architectural and monumental attractions in Russia, The Vodka Museum is by far, one of the most popular attractions and most visited museum.

Many wonder how The Vodka Museum came to be in St. Petersburg. It is quite simple. St. Petersburg is known as the city of museums in Russia, and with museums dedicated to police, gramophones, dolls and the railway it was inevitable that a museum would be created to document the national drink of Russia. The museum was moved to the birth place of Russia and is now located in the Kremlin, in Izmailovo. It is situated amongst magnificent architectural masterpieces and a complex that has a history as rich as the drink itself.

The museum holds a complete collection of exhibits, detailing the history of vodka in Russia, and has unique and rare displays. Visitors will be able to see the first distillation process that was used by the monks in the monasteries to make grain vodka. In the hall that depicts the role of vodka during the eighteenth century, during the rule of Peter the Great, stories of drunken games played by the rulers of the country and pictures showing how men rode pig or bear drawn sleighs down the streets of Moscow and other illustrative materials, show a lighter side to Peter the Great.

Vodka bottles in all shapes and sizes are also on display, with the museum’s most prized possession being an 1862 bottle of Kronshtadt vodka. The museum also shares the inner working of distilleries, drinking houses in Russia and the story behind the traditional cup, known as a Charka or Cheporuha. Another bottle of interest is the Moscow Special Vodka, vodka that was patented by the Russian Government in the year 1894 and named the national drink. Vodka’s path through times of peace, war and usage by the powerful leaders of the country, can be followed throughout the museum.

And if viewing the vodka makes visitors curious, the Tractir Restaurant can provide visitors with a healthy meal, accompanied by vodka of their choice. The souvenir shop has a massive variety of vodka related gifts and memorabilia, ranging from shot glasses to some of the most popular vodka brands. The Vodka Museum in Moscow is definitely an experience of a lifetime.


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