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Explore the Stunning Kluchevskoy Nature Park

The striking Kluchevskoy Nature Park is known mainly for its largest and most intimidating feature – the Kluchevskoy Volcano. Located in central Kamchatka, this very active volcano has gained a reputation for being both the highest summit in the Russian Far East and the biggest volcanic cone in Eurasia. In fact, there are few volcanoes that can compete with this impressive giant!

The entire Kluchevskoy Nature Park in Russia is centered around a formidable cluster of twelve volcanoes known as the Klyuchi Group. However it also includes quite a large part of the surrounding landscape which is varied and beautiful. The biggest and most striking volcano in the Klyuchi Group is the still very active Kluchesvskoy volcano. This turbulent, rumbling peak on the earth’s surface has the distinction of being one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Its most recent, very catastrophic eruption occurred just twenty-five years ago in the form of a Tolbachik fissure eruption, and the event was labeled ‘a grand, unforgettable spectacle’ by excited geologists. This grumpy giant on the earth’s crust is surrounded by a rather formidable close-knit cluster of its peers. Most of the volcanoes in the Klyuchi Group are giants with many measuring up to 5,000 meters in height.

In addition to these spectacular geographical marvels, the surrounding area features a wonderful variety of landscapes, flora and fauna. In some areas the ground is bare, or it takes the form of rocky tundra with only a little life. Then there are the little islands of taiga vegetation or groves of birch that give the nature park much of its delightful character. The Kluchevskoy Nature Park has so much to offer that it attracts a number of scientists, travelers and tourists to its borders every year.

Though the Kluchevskoy Nature Park was only created in December 1999, it has already been designated as a World Heritage Site. Its selection is based on the fact that it fulfills three of the World Heritage Committee’s criteria for natural sites. For one thing it demonstrates a number of different geological processes. It also provides a unique glimpse of somewhat rare natural formations and amazing geographical phenomena and it provides and excellent example of three of the major stages of the earth’s development. In addition to all this, it is an area that is of exceptional natural beauty. The Kluchevskoy Nature Park provides a rare and insightful glimpse into the way our beautiful earth continues to grow and develop. Why not make a stop at this excellent natural attraction and discover these natural wonders for yourself?


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