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Exploring Ferapontov Monastery

In the year 2000 UNESCO inscribed the Ferapontov Monastery as a World Heritage Site. Their motivation for listing the monastery is due to its historical value, and the fact that the monastery is seen as one of the most breathtaking medieval Russian art examples in the world. Located in Russia’s Volga Region, the monastery is no longer used for religious purposes but holds many religious treasures behind its walls. Over centuries the monastery has become a site of wonder and admiration and is one of the most popular attractions in Russia.

The Ferapontov Monastery only gained fame and recognition after the arrival of Saint Martinian Belozersky, even though the monastery was founded in 1398 by Saint Ferapont. He made such a huge impact on the community through his various activities, that his memory was respected even in death by the Ivan III family members. Remaining under constant protection, renovations and additions to the monastery were ongoing, leading to the monastery being a vital religious and cultural site for approximately four hundred years. Visitors to the Ferapontov Monastery will be able to marvel at numerous buildings and attractions within the complex.

Noteworthy attractions within the Ferapontov Monastery complex include the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin, which was erected in 1490; the Church of the Annuciation that was completed in 1531; and the Treasury Chamber that is believed to have been constructed during the 1530s. In 1641 the Church of St Martinian was built, with the Gate Churches of the Epiphany and St Ferrapont following in 1650 and the bell tower somewhere in the 1680s. The monastery also holds a wonderful collection of frescoes, painted by the great Dionisy, which led to the establishment of the Museum of Dionisy’s Frescoes in 1975 within the monastery. In the following years the monastery has become a centre for preservation and research to protect the ancient monuments that form a significant part of Russia’s history. The Ferapontov Monastery is a recommended attraction as it offers visitors a unique insight into the heritage of Russia and the masterpieces created by the country’s most talented artists.


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Enrik Villa - 2010-06-27 18:21:28

Great, it will be good to add a map of the site on the Volga river and a map of the monastery complex. Then instructions of how to reach it. Do show more of these Russian treasures!

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