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Fallen Monument Park

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, many monuments and statues were torn off their bases and discarded. As they tumbled where workers had thrown them, so they lay for approximately a year, until their significance to history became clearer and the park, now known as the Fallen Monument Park, began to take shape. The park was officially established in 1992, and is known in Russia as the Muzeon Park of Arts or Sculpture Park. The various sections of the park take visitors on a journey through different times in the history of Russia, and it is a recommended attraction for foreign visitors in Moscow.

The Fallen Monument Park actually refers to a section within the Muzeon Park, as the park is divided into different sections, such as the Pushkin Square, Oriental Garden, and so forth. The park consists of various sculptures that have been created by a variety of artists, making the park diverse and fascinating to explore.

As mentioned, the Fallen Monument Park was created accidently, but all the sculptures have now been restored, even though they no longer have their original pedestals. The sculptures in the Fallen Monument Park section include propaganda statues of the time, and include leaders such as Stalin and Lenin. Modern sculptures began to compliment the park in later years, and in total the park now has more than seven hundred sculptures for visitors to marvel at.

Social realism vintage sculptures were acquired by the park in 1995 to create the World War II division. Three hundred more sculptures were collected in 1998 that are displayed as a group and depicts the victims and hardships endured under the communist rule of Russia.

The Muzeon Park is located in Moscow, beside the Krymsky Val building, but its future is in danger. New developments and structures for new projects could mean that the park will have to be demolished to make room for expansion. It is hoped by many that alternative arrangements could be made to save the park. For now, however, the park is a visual tour through the history of Russia, as well as the city of Moscow, and remains a popular attraction.


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