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Fascinating Taltsy Museum

A very unique attraction that is historically significant and showcases the culture and traditions of Russia is located near to Lake Baikal. Here, on a sixty-seven hectare piece of protected land, visitors will find breathtaking monuments to the past that make the Taltsy Museum one of the most popular attractions in Russia, and a day excursion that can be enjoyed by the entire family. With the peaceful Angara River silently flowing past the Taltsy Museum, the area is not only educational and fascinating but breathtakingly beautiful.

The Taltsy Museum is an outdoor museum of wooden architecture and ethnography with a vast variety of traditional Siberian buildings that date back from between the fifteenth to the seventeenth century. It was founded in the year 1969 and is divided into two different areas, namely the Russian and the Buryat areas. Both areas exhibit the traditional lifestyles of Siberians and there are more than forty monuments to view, housing approximately eight thousand exhibits.

Some of the structures and exhibits to look forward to include the 1679 Kazan Chapel, the 1667 Savior’s Gate Tower of the Ostrog of Ilimsk, water millers, a manger house, a nineteenth century farmstead, 1880 One Classroom School that was once part of the Keul Village, a Nepomiluyev farmstead, Seryshev’s farmstead which originated from Antonovka Village, 1914 Troitskaya Church, a graveyard complex and a farmstead that was saved from Zyryanovo Village. Another rare attraction at the Taltsy Museum is the Buryat uluses, and together, all the structures and their fascinating exhibitions give visitors insight into the early lives of the Siberians, their culture and everyday traditions. This magnificent outdoor museum has thoughtfully laid out an educational exhibition of buildings and items, which will be enjoyed by local and international visitors, as they are tremendously interesting and of great historical value. There is no better way to explore the history of Russia and the Siberian people than to walk through the buildings that represent a forgotten way of life and are a wonderful tribute to the past generations. The Taltsy Museum has come a far way from opening in 1980, when it only had three farmsteads to begin with. Over the years their collection has developed into a noteworthy site and recommended attraction.


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