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From a Glorious Past to a Brilliant Future

We have to be grateful that all the 20th century repression has doused none of the quintessential spirit of the people of this great land. It appears that they will build a new economy to rival their erstwhile peers from East Germany. Russia is on one of the most exciting growth paths, which is the envy of the world. Visitors and business people are increasingly enamored of the advantages that Russia offers. While much is made of China and India in the public space, it is in Russia that we find the most dramatic developments taking place.

The emerging leadership of Russia is appropriate in terms of modern history, for the culture and enterprise of this country until the 19th century drew to a close, kept Russia at the vanguard of nations. The people enjoyed high standards of living for their times, and were stable communities, even as colonization of the Americas, and the subjugation of indigenous people were in their infancies. Indeed, even Aleutians crossed over to their present continent from the vast steppes of Russia. Much of Southern Asia and the European heartland has benefited from myriad links with Russian communities.

Though the country had a pivotal role in the eclipse of Hitler during World War II, the stagnation that followed put it decades behind even the nations it had defeated such as Germany, Italy, and Japan. Outer Space is a fair example of how competent Russians can be, when free of bureaucracy and dogma. There are aspects of personal freedom that are in question in Russia even today, but the scope for private enterprise and initiative is dramatically better than it was in the Soviet Union days.

The largest country in the world, Russia has natural resources to put it ahead of all other countries. The people are wonderful and display admirable qualities. It is a wonderful place to visit on a vacation, and in which to do business as well. Russia offers experiences and profit potentials which are uncommon in traditional destinations of the past.

Come and take a look!


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