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Growing Trend of Yachting in Russia

The annual Yacht Festival in Moscow, Russia, celebrated the passion for boating in spectacular fashion in June. With magnificent entertainment, boat racing events, concerts and competitions, one would think that the Yacht Festival could not get any better, but this year there was one feature that stood out above the rest – for the first time ever a river yacht route was opened for everyone to enjoy. Between awards, entertainment and a festival of fun, the promoting of yachting in Russia got underway.

At present, foreign or international cruise boats do not have full permission to navigate through most parts of Russian waters. But in recent years, it has become apparent that the interest in river cruises and ferries has increased and more tourists are beginning to prefer river cruises as a way of exploring Russia. Up until now, yachting in the rivers and water ways throughout Russia has not really gained any momentum, but it is hoped that the yacht route will promote yachts and increase the demand to facilitate these vessels for the tourism industry.

The river yacht cruise has brought interest from approximately ten yacht owners, who are taking advantage of the route that will remain open between St. Petersburg and Moscow until the 12th of July 2008. The route takes the yachts on a one thousand three hundred and fifty kilometer cruise through the Volga-Baltic waterway and it is hoped that interest in yacht cruises will arise from this trial route, to encourage authorities to create the necessary facilities to accommodate these vessels. As summer is the most popular time period for river cruises, it is seen as unprofitable to establish fueling quays along the rivers, and yachts might find this to be a great set back.

As the tourism industry’s demand for river cruises and yachts grows, the plight for river routes for yachts cannot be ignored for very long. Various river cruise companies and private companies that offer these excursions on small vessels have experienced a dramatic increase in passengers, and expect their yearly passenger numbers to increase in the coming years. Hopefully, through the efforts of yachting enthusiasts, the need for accommodating yachts will be recognized, and a future for them on the water ways of Russia will be secured.


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