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Historical Bias against Russia

Renaissance, though associated with the original NATO bloc of Europe, especially the Catholic bastions of Italy, is in reality, at least as equally resplendent in Russia. It is to the credit of the rulers of the larger and erstwhile Soviet Empire, that unlike barbaric and acquisitive hordes such as the Nazis and the Taliban, the communists of Moscow never sought to destroy the imperialist expressions which preceded them, as long as these were cultural, artistic, and aesthetic by nature. The art and architecture of Russia is actually better preserved than in many parts of Europe which were free right from the end of World War II.

The end of the 15th century marked a period of national integration and renaissance not dissimilar to the Russia of today, though the immediate pre-occupation at this time is more material in context. However, the country does seem to move towards its medieval glory as it picks up the threads of the past to weave a national fabric for the future. Russia is therefore not just an economy on the move towards a brighter tomorrow, but a land where travelers can find jewels of the past in amazing abundance.

Though the most splendid architectural works in Russia have a common slant towards religion, an engaging feature is how well they integrate in to the everyday lives of common citizens. The domes, arches, and massive frescoes of this fascinating country, are not isolated in places of tourist attraction alone, but interspersed in the paths and destinations of domestic routine. This must be why such pervasive cultural literacy is a feature of contemporary Russian society, with no hang over of modern repression.

Russia is equivalent to a sort of seamless gallery of art, with magnificent representations every major European school strewn in public places in abundance and with abandon. The sheer wealth and variety of exquisite works leaves the novice breathless, but quickly transforms the uninitiated in aesthetic ways in to accomplished aficionados of art within a short time. Every vacation or sojourn in Russia will leave you enriched beyond measure in artistic appreciation terms. The culture of this land will find place deep in your psyche even as you wistfully begin the journey home.


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