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Historical Krutitsy Monastery

Moscow is home to a host of breathtaking historical buildings, activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy. As a major city in Russia, it has everything to offer the adventurous traveler. For those seeking to explore the beauty and heritage of the country, there are noteworthy sites such as the Krutitsy Monastery to discover. Located on the banks of the Moskya River, the monastery is surrounded by breathtaking views and tranquility. It is also the site of a once thriving place of religion, which was saved from disrepair to be marveled at by thousands today.

The story of the Krutitsy Monastery begins with the completion of the first church on the site in the year 1272. During the reign of Paul II, from 1664 – 1676, the monastery thrived with new projects being launched, later completed by those who ruled after him. The projects included a beautiful garden, Teremok, the Dormition Cathedral and the Metropolitan's Chamber. The year 1737 signaled the beginning of the end for the monastery, with a fire damaging the structure, followed by the Diocese of Krutitsy being shut down in 1785, leading to the structures being left uncared for and at the mercy of the elements. The Krutitsy Monastery was later used as a jail, and the Dormition Cathedral was closed down in 1924, after which it was looted and vandalized. Restoration to the structures began in 1947, but most of the work was done between the 1960s and 1980s.

Visitors to the Krutitsy Monastery will be able to view the Dormition Cathedral with its five domes, the Metropolitan's Chamber, the gallery, the Resurrection Church and a number of wooden houses that date from the 19th century. The Riverside Dormitory, which was constructed in 1719, is still being restored, and work is still ongoing on this building. There are, however, strict rules for visitors to adhere to, namely no smoking is allowed once visitors pass through the monastery gates, visitors are required to leave the property after the evening mass is held and photographs are not permitted to be taken without the clergy being asked special permission. The Krutitsy Monastery remains a wonderful monument to the history of Russia and is a recommended attraction when visiting Moscow.


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