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Ilya Muromets – A Legendary Knight

Ilya Muromets is a well known Russian mythical hero. Ilya Muromets is considered one of the greatest medieval knights of all times, who was respected for the values he stood for. Alyosha Popovich and Dobrynya Nikitich are two other legendary Russian knights that have been closely associated with Ilya Muromets.

Muromets has been written about in a number of folk epic poems and has been represented in a painting completed by Vasnetsov, a famous artist. He is also the only mythical hero to have ever been canonized by the Orthodox Church of Russia. Ilya Muromets has become such a legendary hero in Russian that he has been used in a number of cartoons, movies, anecdotes, pictures and monuments over the years.

It is said that Muromets was born in Karacharovo, a village in Russia. His father was a farmer by trade. He was known as a generous but temperamental man who would use his strength to destroy objects and buildings when things did not go his way. According to legend, at a young age Ilya Muromets was paralyzed from a serious illness, but when he was thirty-three years of age two pilgrims cured him.

Later, Muromets came into contact with Svyatogor, a dying knight and from that day onwards Ilya Muromets was blessed with extraordinary strength. He used his strength to serve Prince Vladimir the Fair Sun and to help free the city of Kiev from the rule of Idolishche. When Muromets was living in the city of Kiev he was made the chief knight and was used to defend Rus from any attack made on the city. Muromets continued to perform these legendary acts throughout his life. He has also been said to have killed Solovey-Razboynik, a monster who killed passersby with his powerful whistle.

Some believe that Ilya Muromet’s remains can be found in the Kiev Pecherski Monastery. In reality Ilya Muromets character is probably not one historic persona, but he has been made up using unique qualities from a number of people who have existed in the past. It is thought that his character was created during a time period when Russia was going through extreme difficulties and a hero was needed.


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