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Kandinsky Prize for Contemporary Art

The Kandinsky Prize not only honors top artists but awards the winners with fifty-five thousand euros in prize money. The first awards were handed out in a ceremony at the Winzavod Contemporary Art Centre on 4 December 2007. The concept was created through a collaboration between the Art Chronika Culture Foundation and the Deutsche Bank AG. It offers four categories for artists’ submissions. The winners last year were Vladlena Gromova (Young Artist), Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe (Media Art Project of the Year), Anatoly Osmolovsky (Artist of the Year) and Peter Goloschapov (People’s Choice Award). This year, more than three hundred entries were received and on 10 December 2008, the winners will be announced.

Named after the legendary Wassily Kandinsky, a Russian painter and abstract artist, it is hoped that by creating the Kandinsky Prize, awareness will be raised in regard to the magnificent abstract art that is created by artists in Russia. Art Chronika Culture Foundation is also dedicated to developing contemporary art within Russia and therefore only allows Russian artists to enter in the competition. Once again the Deutsche Bank AG has jumped on board to sponsor the project, and welcomes the assistance from IFD Kapital for this year’s event.

Boris Orlov, Alexey Beliayev-Guintovt and Dmitri Gutov are in the running for the Best Project of the Year award, as finalists, while Grigory Yushchenko, Anya Zhelud and Diana Machulina are finalists in the Best Young Artist of the Year award. Vladimir Logutov, the Blue Soup Group and the PG Group are finalists in the Best Media Art Project of the Year award. These finalists were also amongst the sixty-one artists that were selected to display their art in an exhibition that was held from the 7th to the 20th of November in the Moscow Central House of Artists, to which thousands of interested art enthusiasts flocked.

A jury panel of six members will select the final winners and chairman of Art Chronika Culture Foundation (Moscow), Shalva Breus expressed his confidence in the future of abstract and contemporary art in Russia, saying: “Ten years from now, Russian contemporary art will be an integral part of world culture.”


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