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Kino Expo 2007

The Kino Expo was established with the purpose of exposing and exhibiting the Russian Film Industry and has been a successful event since 1999. The Kino Expo is known as an International Convention and Trade Fair that not only highlights the advances and growing popularity in the Russian Film Industry, but also the film market that exists in countries such as Latvia, Ukraine, Moldova and many more.

Between the years 2003 to 2005 the Kino Expo was hosted in Moscow, but due to support and continuous requests by event attendees and exhibitors, the Film Expo returned to St Petersburg and will probably remain there indefinitely.

The Kino Expo 2007 in Russia will once again give everyone involved in the cinema and film industry, the opportunity to meet and exhibit their latest technology, film equipment and even systems that can be used in entertainment and retail sectors. This year’s expo will feature the most recent developments in the cinema industry that includes cinema houses, filming equipment, upcoming films to look out for and also hosts workshops and seminars in regard to the film industry. New products are displayed and the Expo traditionally ends with a spectacular Awards Ceremony.

Local and international exhibitors flock to this wonderful Expo in Russia, and designers are able to show the world their new designs for shopping centers and cinemas that incorporate the most recent technology and entertainment services. It is also the hub of the Russian Film Market, where international and local film distributors can purchase, view and sell their products, and many well-known distributors such as Sony Pictures and Buena Vista visit the Kino Expo annually.

The Kino Expo 2007 is anticipated to be another large and busy expo that will attract many international and local companies and individuals that are linked to the entertainment, music, film and cinema industry. St Petersburg will be the destination to visit during September that promises to be a unique and fascinating experience. This year, the Expo will be hosted from the 4th to the 8th of September 2007 in the city of St Petersburg in Russia, and is guaranteed to be as exciting and interesting as the live entertainment.


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