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Lake Baikal in Russia

Lake Baikal is considered a natural treasure not only by Russians. Located deep into the Siberian wild and over the Mongolian border, Baikal is famous around the world for being the deepest and largest lake, and for holding 20 percent of the world's fresh water. Also known as "the lake of the living waters," Baikal has the unique quality of holding oxygen even in the deepest section of the lake, which allows for an extraordinary ecosystem and a chain of thermal springs that originate right at the bottom of the lake.

Because of an intrinsic process of self-purification, Lake Baikal has some of the cleanest waters in the world. Known for its medicinal qualities, the waters of the lake are also home to an incredible variety of aquatic life, including the world's only fresh water seal and the golomyanka, a transparent fish that can survive in icy waters due to its high consistency of fat (more than 50 percent of his total body mass).

Baikal offers something to everyone. The land surrounding Lake Baikal is exceptionally beautiful, bursting with lush forests and snow-covered mountains. Fed by over 300 rivers and streams, Baikal is a trendy whitewater rafting destination. Climbing, hiking, and skiing are also popular in the area. For those interested in nature photography, Baikal offers an abundance of unique wildlife, such as brown bears, elk, and moose. And for those looking for a piece of history, Baikal offers a gateway into the culture of the Buryat people, whose way of life has changed little over the past two centuries.

Baikal is not just a lake, but a place to truly experience the greatness of nature.


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