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Legendary Photographer Norman Parkinson in Moscow

If you are a lover of fashion and style then you will probably already have a good idea of who Norman Parkinson is. This acclaimed and renowned fashion celebrity has blurred the boundaries of art, fashion and photography. As the Fifth Moscow International Festival gets underway, Norman Parkinson continues to make waves in the fashion world.

Though the internationally acclaimed Norman Parkinson died in 1990, his groundbreaking work in the world of fashion continues to inspire and direct fashion trends today. Despite gaining a reputation as one of the most celebrated British photographers of his time, he maintained that he was a craftsman and not an artist right up until his death. His passion for photography was evident right at the start of his career and it wasn’t long before he gained recognition for his work.

Working mainly in the fashion industry, he spent a short while in World War II working as a reconnaissance photographer before going on to work with legendary fashion houses such as Vogue. In fact he married one of the glamorous models that he photographed and he was the top choice for most celebrity photo shoots. He was renowned in British fashion photography for taking photography out of the studio and allowing models to relax in a more natural outdoor setting, so following the work of Munkacsi at ‘Harper’s Bazaar’.

At this year's Fifth Moscow International ‘Fashion and Style in Photography Festival – 2007’, a massive exhibition has been set up to introduce Russian’s to Parkinson’s work. His beautiful photography will be displayed in all it’s glory between the 28th of March and the 10th of May 2007, while those wanting to know more about him can attend the Norman Parkinson lecture held on the 18th of April at 18:00. The lecture will be given by Olga Sviblova in Russian and will be presented at the British Council Information Center in Moscow.

Come discover this amazing and legendary photographer and learn all about his mesmerizing techniques and legendary results at the Moscow ‘Fashion and Style in Photography’ festival.


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