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Lenin's Tomb - Russia

Few tombs in the world draw as many daily visitors as the mausoleum that houses Vladimir Lenin. Every day of the year a long line of fellow citizens, tourists, and political scholars line up to see the man that changed the world.

Located in the Red Square just outside the walls of the Kremlin is the final resting place of the first Premier of Soviet Russia. Upon the death of Vladimir Lenin, thousands of people from all over Russia wrote to the central government asking permission to see his body before it was buried. With quick action, the Soviet Government hired a local professor to embalm their leader for preservation. A Moscow architect was commissioned to design and build a structure to house the body for viewing. He was given just three days.

Vladimir Lenin died January 21, 1924. Three days later, his body was preserved and ready for viewing in a temporary wooden house. In the first month and a half over 100,000 people visited the tomb. Today, thousands still pass his tomb and place a flower in his honor to commemorate the anniversary of his death.

Over the years there has been a constant debate regarding the removal from Red Square of his body and finding a proper burial place. Although the current mausoleum is an amazing granite structure influenced by the great pyramids and the tombs of the Middle East, various people from political factions and religious orders would like to see the body properly buried.

This is a must see for all who love history and travel. The city of Moscow is one of the greatest communities on earth and some believe the Red Square to be a modern wonder. There are many lodging choices throughout the city. Food will fit any appetite and the town will keep you wide-eyed and amazed throughout your stay.

Follow the links on this page for many find hotels and get your plane tickets soon before the tomb has shut its doors for good. Spend a day wandering the great Red Square and catch site of a man who shaped modern policy. Lenin's Tomb is a point of interest for all who enjoy the history of this great land.


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