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Massenkoff Russian Folk Festival

Russia is a country that is steeped in tradition and culture and has always managed to captivate the attention and imaginations of audiences and visitors from around the world. One of their most celebrated performing arts groups is the Massenkoff Russian Folk Festival. It is an ensemble, led and founded by Nikolai Massenkoff, of talented musicians and dancers who bring the heart of Russian culture to life on stages across the world. The group has been praised for their unmatched performances and their ability to tell the stories of folk music, culture and tradition through their dances and music.

Nikolai Massenkoff was born in China and, as both his parents were Russian, he is what was known as a ‘white Russian’. He was raised in the St. Tichon Orphanage and was later moved to San Francisco at twelve years of age. Massenkoff completed his education at public schools and went on to major in drama, music and speech at the San Francisco State University. After taking part in the Moscow Tchaikovsky Competition, he was given the opportunity to study in Austria with George London, and in Italy with Tito Gobbi. In the year 1975, Nikolai Massenkoff finally got the opportunity to realise one of his dreams, and founded the Massenkoff Russian Folk Festival

After traveling the world, over six countries and thirty-eight states, for approximately twenty years, Massenkoff and his amazing ensemble have performed at the International Division of Epcot Centre more than a hundred times, performed at colleges and universities, entertained the Olympics crowd in Korea, shared the stage with more than fifteen internationally renowned symphony orchestras and been on international and national television shows. To add to their already impressive performing career, they have also graced the audiences of Carnegie Hall and performed with famous stars such as Julio Iglesias, Ray Charles, Bob Hope and Tony Bennett, to name but a few.

The Massenkoff Russian Folk Festival performs music and songs that originate from the 1940’s, the Tsarist Russian era, well known folk songs and Gypsy songs that speak of disappointment, the joy of love, the devastation caused by jealousy and the pain of a broken heart. It is easy for audiences to lose themselves in the world of the Massenkoff Russina Folk Festival, as they have perfected the art of captivating audiences and educating young and old on the magic of the culture, tradition and the history of Russia, while bringing audiences to their feet.


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