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Momix Performing in St. Petersburg

Magnificent St. Petersburg in Russia has always been synonymous with a history of arts, extraordinary culture and the host to many spectacular events. Its past, entwined with battle, war and royalty, can still be seen on the streets, in the walls of the Winter Palace and architectural wonders that were left behind by famous Russians such as Peter the Great. This year, the arts will come to St Petersburg in a spectacular fashion, a Momix extravaganza.

Momix is a world famous dance company that was founded by Moses Pendleton, twenty-five years ago. Using music, light, props and the human body, these greatly talented dancer-illusionists sweep the audience into a world of balancing, acrobatics and illusion. They challenge the laws of gravity with every movement they make, and keep audience members spellbound and at the edge of their seats for the entire performance. The thought of being able to attend a riveting show of Momix in St. Petersburg has sent hundreds of fans in a flurry to the ticket offices to secure their seats. Events, such as Momix, are thrilling, unforgettable and completely breathtaking, pushing human abilities to the threshold and bringing to life a new culture and age of performing arts.

This Washington based dance company has conquered the stages of various countries such as Denmark, Mexico, Austria, Australia, Japan, Spain, Canada, England, Germany, Italy, France and many more. With the success of stage creations including ‘Cactus’, ‘Baseball’, ‘Orbit’, ‘Lunar Sea’ and ‘Passion’, Momix has managed to combine fantasy, skill, humor, athletics and the visual stimulation of extravagant costumes and fascinating props. Due to past productions being so popular, Momix has now fused all the best scenes of their previous productions to create the Momix Greatest Hits show.

This Greatest Hits show by Momix in St Petersburg has been highly anticipated and will open on the 12th of December 2007 at the Music Hall Theatre. A second performance will take place on the 13th of December 2007 and ticket sales are expected to soar. For a night of enthrallment, entertainment and heart stopping scores, the Greatest Hits performance by Momix is a show that will have both young and old gasping from start to finish.


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