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Moscow House of Photography

The Moscow House of Photography, situated in Ostozhenka Street in Moscow, Russia, was officially opened in 1996 following two years of preparation and planning. As the first Russian museum dedicated to the representation and development of the art of photography in Russia, the Moscow House of Photography is one of the most visited museums in the Russian capital.

This unique museum has hosted hundreds of interesting exhibitions and festivals since it first opened. Two festivals which have been a feature of the Moscow House of Photography over the years are Photobiennale, and Fashion and Style. Held every two years, Photobiennale is an international collaboration among 22 of the world’s major photography festivals which draws thousands of visitors to experience the sixteen countries represented through the eyes of the photographers. Both these festivals have been widely acclaimed by critics and the general public and are viewed as significant cultural events which uphold and promote the artistic and social value of photography in Russia.

The Moscow House of Photography is also involved in special projects to promote photography. The Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Media Arts is one of the museum’s projects that offers education to adults on basic knowledge of classic and digital photography, as well as video and new innovations in photography. The students of the school have at their disposal lecture halls, computer facilities, a conference hall for viewing motion pictures, a studio for video montage, a photo-studio and photo-laboratory, an exhibition hall and a library. Students are given unique opportunities to work with top Russian and foreign experts in the fields of photography and media, both on a theoretical and practical level.

Numerous competitions are arranged by the Moscow House of Photography, which are open to professional and amateur photographers. The Silver Camera competition is divided into three categories - Architecture, Faces and Events and Everyday Life - all of which reflect aspects of Russia and its people from unusual, and often thought-provoking, perspectives. The Silver Wreath competition was established in 2001 and is held biennially in conjunction with the Fashion and Style festival. Photographers must submit at least four photographs in A4 size that tell a picture story about Moscow.

The Moscow House of Photography continues to be very successful in the value of photography in the eyes of the Russian people as well as on an international level. Tourists in Moscow should make a point of visiting this fascinating museum that so beautifully captures the many facets of Russian life.


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