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Moscow International Cycling Show

Once again the RTE-Group has been working hard to bring the Moscow International Cycling Show to life. This group specializes in hosting the biggest international gatherings, such as congresses, fairs and exhibitions. And as the Moscow International Cycling Show is one of the biggest events of its kind in Russia, the responsibility to organize and see to the smooth running of the show fell to the RTE-Group. The 2008 Moscow International Cycling Show will be held from 22 to 24 February 2008 and the doors to LFC CSKA Sports Center will open at midday each day of the exhibition.

The Moscow International Cycling Show (Velo Park) is an important exhibition for everyone involved in the cycling industry. It is an opportunity to display products, build relationships and sign deals. The public enjoys the exhibition, as it displays all the latest gear, clothing and cycling related products. It is literally a gathering of businessmen, specialists, sports clubs, dealers, manufacturers, wholesalers, exporters and distributors.

With more than seventy local and international exhibitors demonstrating and promoting their products, this multidirectional show has ensured that it includes all the various sectors involved in the cycling industry and bringing exposure to the market and companies in Russia. Visitors will be speechless at the sight of the great diversity of the Moscow International Cycling Show (Velo Park). It includes travel bicycles, mountain bikes, BMX bikes, Freestyle bikes, promenade bikes, children’s bikes, city bikes, outfits and cycling gear, safety gear, equipment, tools, accessories, spare parts and promotes cycling as a tourism tool.

Fortunately the Moscow International Cycling Show does not only accommodate adults. After the children get tired and bored from being dragged from one exhibitor to another, the whole family will be entertained and stunned by some of the top athletes in Russia and from other countries around the world. The yearly MBX / MTB Street and Freestyle competition is by far the most popular of all the events at the show. Here, visitors will be able to see these athletes perform at their best, executing maneuvers and stunts that will leave the crowd breathless. There is also a half-pipe available for skaters and rollers to show off their skills. The Moscow International Cycling Show is a trade fair that impresses and grows bigger each year. For every cycling need, this show has the answer.


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