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Moscow's Best Expat Pubs

What's that? You say you're enjoying the sense of travel: the sights, sounds and smells of Moscow but you kind of miss the familiarity of home? Don't worry, Moscow has some of the best expat hangouts to be found in Eastern Europe:

Big Pig Pub (Maroseika Ulitsa, #3/13, metro Kitai-Gorod, tel: 624-0104. Open 24 hours). Travellers talk about the Big Pig in revered tones. And you will too. And why not? Between midnight and 6am all hard liquor is 2-for-1. The food is filling, but nothing to brag about. Live music is played 3-4 nights a week and is guaranteed to sound better the more you drink. The Big Pig is blue collar all the way and that’s why it’s like a home away from home for many. Ignore the poor service and relish in the always-playing-MTV-or-sports large screen TV’s. Enjoy a beer and mind your manners.

Lisya Nora also known as The Fox Pub (Daev Pereulok, #2, metro Sukharevskaya. tel: 207-0498. Open 11:00-0:00).Who needs fancy, overpriced bars when you can hunker into the Lisya Nora for a beer. One of the most popular expat pubs, the LN has a worn-in, I've-been-here-before kind of feeling to it. Famous for the not one, not two, but the NINE beers it has on tap, Lisya Nora offers five German brews, two Czech, a standard Guiness and the local favourite -- Stary Melnik (60 rubles or about $2.50 a bottle). A varied menu rounds out the atmosphere. Like it’s cousin the Big Pig Pub, here you can enjoy a beer, a sausage and some kraut and not worry about reaching for your phrase book.

Silver's (Tverskaya Ulitsa, #5/6 (entry from Nikitsky Pereulok), metro Okhotny Ryad. tel: 290-4222. Open Sun-Thurs: 8:00-0:00, Fri-Sat: 10:00-4:00). A word-of-mouth establishment that has long served as a meeting place to hear "the latest", not too mention a hangout known for its cold beer and good Russian meals. Styled after a typical Irish Pub, Silvers has everything you could imagine except for the rowdy atmosphere. A stand-out in Moscow for it's unheard of friendly staff; you may forgo dinner at a fancy restaurant for the comfortable surroundings of Silver’s. It won’t be the first time. Need we say more? Good food and cheap beer make this pub a mainstay for the visitor as well as the expat or business man or woman.

It's nice to have a safety net when you travel abroad and these three pubs offer one. Check out our links for more reputable nightspots and restaurants -- all designed to make your stay in Moscow a memorable one.


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terry park - 2009-09-24 18:55:24

Can anyone help?where in Moscow is the Australian football League Grand Final being shown live on Sat 26th Sept,I have searched all the expat bars,but no luck as yet.

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