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Much to Explore and Discover in Taganrog

If you are planning to visit Russia soon, a trip to the beautiful city of Taganrog is definitely worth considering. This fortress and port city was founded by Peter the Great in 1698, and history and beauty seem to abound, finding ways to surprise you as you make your way around the Russian city.

The development of the city of Taganrog in Russia is closely tied in the the overall history of the Russian Empire, since as the Empire grew, it struggled for centuries to gain access to the southern seas. Taganrog was located on the shores of these seas and provided access and a starting point from which Peter the Great was able to launch the Azov Russian Navy. Thus the successes and failures of the nation as a whole relied heavily on the development and successes of the city of Taganrog.

Taganrog is distinctly different from other seaside towns in several ways. For one thing, it is not located in a quiet harbor. Instead, you will find it perched on a hill where it is often lashed by winds from every direction. The streets are not small and winding – they are broad and linear. Instead of humble cottages with the odd structure of significance, Taganrog seems to have been founded with a view to greatness. The bold baroque architectural structures that line the streets here once served as houses, shops, buildings of parliament and more. Despite the fact that it has endured more than 310 years of history, it has managed to retain this beautiful classical façade, even after experiencing a strong industrial period. The city of Taganrog is truly a gem on the shores of the Azov Sea.

Apart from the role it has played in the nation’s history, Taganrog in Russia is also the birthplace of the writer and playwright Anton Chekhov. Chekhov spent most of his early life here and the city has chosen to honor his memory by marking places such as his place of birth, his high school and his father’s shops as city attractions. Other attractions worth seeing include the memorial theatre, the Chekhov Library, the Literary Museum, the Durov Museum, the Art Museum, the Peter the Great Monument, Alferaki Palace, Alexander I Palace, the Mariinskaya Gymnasium, the Depaldo Stone Stairs, the Garibaldi Monument and Gorky Park. Make sure that you include Taganrog in your travel plans the next time you visit Russia.


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Shawn - 2009-12-30 07:51:33

Hello, I am interested in travelling to Taganrog but I am finding it nearly impossible to find accomidations. Can you tell me if it is possible to rent a apartment for a month in Taganrog?

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