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Perm Art Gallery – Definitely Worth a Visit

Art lovers visiting Russia simply cannot miss out on the Perm Art Gallery. This is one of the largest and best art galleries in the country, with a striking variety of art from various time periods throughout the country’s history. It is a definite must-see attraction in the beautiful city of Perm, one of the biggest and oldest cities in the Urals.

Situated along the Kama River and founded as far back as 1723, the city of Perm provides the perfect setting for this stunning art gallery. The Perm Art Gallery in Russia is housed in a glorious building that once served as the Transfiguration of Christ Cathedral. Construction on this ornate building started in the late 18th century, but it has been altered and reconstructed by and by over the years so that today it no longer looks like it originally did. Nevertheless, it is still a magnificent building that smacks of history and beauty. It has a strong late classical style of architecture and is, in itself, a work of art. The cathedral ceased to be used during the Civil War in the 1920s when its doors were closed to believers. In 1930 it was decided that the Perm Scientific Industrial Museum’s department of art should be given the cathedral to house the art instead of re-opening it as a church. Originally the collection was made up almost entirely by artwork that had been donated by noteworthy artists and painters who once called the Ural region and the city of Perm their home. A number of artists who also attended the Petersburg Emperor Academy of Fine Arts as well as the Emperor Porcelain Factory contributed works. Many of these original works can still be seen at the Perm Art Gallery. However the collection has since been expanded to contain more than 40 000 different artworks.

The collections housed by the Perm Art Gallery in Russia cover the period from the 16th century to the 21st century. They include porcelain masterpieces, delightful oil paintings and impressive sculptures. There are also a number of icons (16-17th century), which came from the world famous Stroganov icon-painting worships, and a number of unique religious wood carvings (17-19th century). You cannot find a better collection of graphic arts, applied arts, fine arts and decorative arts anywhere! So visit the Perm Art Gallery and make sure that you don’t miss out on this priceless gem.


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