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Peter the Great

Pyotr Alexeyevich Romanov or Peter the Great - as he was more famously known - was born in 1672 in Moscow. He was one of fourteen children born to Alexei Mikhailovich and his second wife Natalia Kirillovna Naryshkina.

From the tender age of ten years Peter ruled with his chronically ill half-brother, Ivan V, till his death and from there onwards Peter the Great became the Sovereign ruler of Russia. During Peter’s period of influence he made a number of dramatic changes to the way past Tsars had reined the country. He began by first carrying out a policy of Westernization which is when a country takes on the Western culture in all sectors of life and loses its non-western identity.

This change was successful and soon the entire Russian Empire became a formidable European power. The next reform that he took upon himself was to create a navy and an army that worked for the good of the whole country rather then just catering to the needs of the Royal family. Peter the Great was endowed with the ability to be more than just a good leader – he went on to become one of the greatest rulers Russia had ever seen. He had the foresight to make changes that seemed insignificant at first but later proved to be a necessity. Peter was also known for his military and diplomatic skills, which helped him to make Russia a great nation.

Like his father, Peter the Great married two times and had a total of eleven children. Of those eleven children, very few survived infancy. This was a common occurrence in a time when medical knowledge on childhood diseases was limited. His first wife was Eudoxia Lopukhina but that did not prove to be a successful union. After having been married for ten years the marriage was annulled when Eudoxia was forced by her husband to become a nun.

The year 1725 saw the end of one of the greatest leaders ever to have ruled Russia. After succumbing to a chill, which led to pneumonia, he died at just fifty-one years of age. He was buried in St. Petersburg at the fortress situated in the grounds of the St. Peter and St. Paul Cathedral.


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