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Putyatin Island : Nature At Its Unspoiled Best

Russia is such a vast country that it would likely take more than a lifetime to explore its abundant natural beauty, discover its rich cultural heritage and learn about its extensive and fascinating history. Bearing this in mind, many who visit Russia choose which aspect of the country they would like to focus on and this helps them decide where to visit. For those who appreciate the rugged natural beauty of Russia, there are a myriad of destination choices to consider, including the charming Putyatin Island.

Tours to Putyatin Island start at the city of Vladivostok on the coast of the Sea of Japan, a stretch of the Pacific Ocean separating Russia from Japan. Because this stretch of ocean also borders North Korea and South Korea, there has been an ongoing dispute as to what it should be called, so it is generally referred to as the Pacific Ocean. The ferry trip from Vladivostok takes around two hours during which time travelers can enjoy the view of the Russian mainland between Vladivostok and the town of Fokino, home to the Russian Pacific Fleet and having authority over Putyatin Island.

Located in the Bay of Peter the Great, Putyatin Island is a long, narrow strip of land covered in lush vegetation, with interesting little bays and beaches to explore. The underwater world around the island is spectacular. The marine life is both plentiful and colorful, with the pristine water allowing an incredible distance of visibility for snorkeling and scuba diving. Some of the tours offer camping out on one of these lovely beaches for a true back-to-nature eco-tourism experience.

Lotus Lake is one of Putyatin Island’s most beautiful attractions. Named for the lotus flowers which appear in abundance in August of each year, the lake stretches out as far as the eye can see and provides fresh water for the abundant wildlife on the island, including the delicate spotted deer.

The island remained uninhabited until 1881 when Alexi Startsev, a merchant and descendent of renowned Decembrist Nicholai Bestuzh, settled there. He established fruit and tobacco plantations and set up a porcelain factory, but political changes resulted in these being abandoned. There is only a relatively small population currently living on the island, making a living from the sea, as well as the breeding of mink for the fur trade which, despite opposition from animal rights groups, remains a thriving business in a country that experiences its fair share of icy weather. Tourism facilities on Putyatin Island are basic, but those who visit this lovely spot in Russia are not there for the luxuries of a five-star hotel, they travel to Putyatin Island to see nature at its unspoiled best.


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