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Relax in the Beauty of Dagomys

Just outside the resort city of Sochi, is a village by the name of Dagomys. It is located along the Black Sea and it the location where Nicholas II built his holiday palace and established a botanical garden that is still popular today. Thousands of visitors flock to both Sochi and Dagomys, as they are known tourist destinations, with many noteworthy sites and activities. What makes Dagomys even more spectacular is that all the beauty of this seaside village lies against the backdrop of the majestic Caucus Mountains.

The holiday palace that was built in Dagomys by Nicholas II, was remodeled into a luxury hotel, and is the largest hotel in the Sochi area. As one of Russia’s top tourist destinations, the village welcomes many foreign and local high-flyers who come to enjoy the beauty of the beaches and the subtropical climate. There is a private beach at the Dagomys Hotel and a lovely stretch of public beach for visitors to relax on. The village also has a long history with the tea industry, and the local Dagomys teahouse and tea plantations have become an attraction that is a lure for visitors.

It all started in 1901 when a Russian by the name of Iuda Koshman, also spelled Kozman, started growing tea from the plants he had brought with him from Chakya. Soon, it was known as the tea world of the North and the quaint little museum at the Dagomys Tea Plantation, takes visitors on a wonderful tour of the history of the plantation, and the man that initiated it all. The tea plantations, beautiful forests and a spectacular view of the Black Sea surround the teahouse. Here, visitors will have the opportunity to taste original Russian tea, together with some delicious pastries and locally produced honey.

The Dendrarium Botanical Gardens are located on more than thirty acres of land and is a magnificent combination of tantalizing fragrances and a feast for the eyes. Amidst the tranquility of the gardens visitors will be able to find a great variety of trees and plants that have been collected from all the continents of the world and include trees such as the iron tree, fig tree and sakma. Together with the lakes, streams and extensive bird species that are found in the gardens, it is an attraction that is filled with peace and beauty.

Visitors are also recommended to visit the Matsesta mineral springs, as many locals believe that the springs have healing and therapeutic abilities. Dagomys is a village that overflows with history, natural beauty and exciting activities. It is a destination in Russia that has become the heart of Sochi, and a welcome escape to many.


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