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Relax in the Resort Town of Pyatigorsk

The small city of Pyatigorsk in Russia is located on the banks of the Podkumok River. Its name means Five Mountains, which is appropriate, as the peaks of the Caucasian mountain, Beshtau, Mount Elbrus and Mashuk can be seen surrounding the city. The entire Stavropol Krai region was proclaimed part or Russia by Ivan the Terrible in 1555, and Pyatigorsk was founded in the year 1780. Its most popular attraction, the mineral springs, became a health spa in 1803, crowning it one of the oldest spas in Russia.

Because of the importance and significance, having been mentioned in documents as far back as the fourteenth century, of the mineral springs, the city has been focused and developed as a resort town. Russian nobles and tsars would often travel to Pyatigorsk to enjoy the tranquility and rejuvenating qualities of the spa. Although it had other industries, such as a brewery, carpet factory, metal working industries, winery, clothing factory, meat processing plant and dairy, it was the Pyatigorsk health resort that has seen the most growth, with ten sanatoriums and four boarding houses for the estimated hundred and seventy thousand visitors that come to the resort each year.

The city is also known for the legendary poet, Mikhail Lermontov, who lived and died in the city. Lermontov lost his life in a gun dual on 27 July 1841 and was buried in the Pyatigorsk graveyard. His ashes were eventually removed and sent to his grandmother for reburial, but the obelisk that was erected on his grave site has become a monument to the poet. In 1973, a museum was founded in honor of Mikhail Lermontov. Other noteworthy attractions include the Aeolian Harp, Diana’s Grotto, Hole, The Lermontov Dual Site, the Pyatigorsk Racecourse and the Cable Way. The city is also home to a Russian First Division football club, named FC Mashuk-KMV Pyatigorsk.

Pyatigorsk is also known for its breathtaking wildlife and landscapes. All around the city and in the surrounding areas, visitors can look forward to tree lined streets, magnificent forests, green parks and fresh smelling fruit gardens. Many tree species such as birch, elder, oak, ash, maple and lime grow freely here, with more than a hundred different herbs growing across the mountain side. Flowers adorn the steppes, and primrose, saffron, violets and others bring color to the forest floors. Visitors will also be able to see wildlife such as foxes, snakes, hedgehogs, weasels, polecats, squirrels and lizards. Those who have a love for birds will lose themselves in the great number of goldfinches, horned owls, pheasants, hoopoes, woodcocks, blackbirds, starlings, rooks and white throats that can be found here.

Pyatigorsk is a peaceful destination in Russia that has a wonderful balance between nature, industry, history, wildlife and attractions. It is a great getaway from the bustle of everyday life, with all the luxuries of the modern world.


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