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Restored Beauty of Tavrichesky Sad

St. Petersburg is popular with tourists, as it has everything one would want to experience in Russia in one destination. The city has theaters, monuments, historical buildings and noteworthy attractions scattered all around it. Amongst the breathtaking structures and sights, St. Petersburg also has breathtaking gardens and natural wonders just waiting to be explored and enjoyed. There is the Catherine Garden, Summer Garden, Moscow Victory Park and one of the most popular, Tavrichesky Sad.

Tavrichesky Sad is also known at the Tauride Gardens and is located behind the Tauride Palace. The palace and its breathtaking landscaped gardens were a gift from Catherine the Great to Grigory Ptyomkin and were laid out between the years of 1783 to 1789. Tauride Gardens opened to the public in 1866 and became a preferred park for family days and ice skating in winter. As with the rest of Russia, Tavrichesky Sad suffered heavy damages during the war, especially during the Siege of Leningrad. The gardens were transformed into vegetable patches, garages for truck repairs and in 1941, a crash landing by a German plane ensured that the gardens were a mere shadow of their former glory by the time the war was over.

The long process of restoration and replanting began after the war and a monument to the Young Heroes of the Defense of Leningrad was welcomed as a part of the gardens in 1962. The romantic style of the gardens was brought back to life, as they were in the time of Catherine the Great. Large looming trees, ponds, green lawns, canals and plants all stand proud once again. Visitors will be astounded by the beauty of this stunning garden, with rides, carousel and ice skating rink that will keep the entire family entertained. Over and above being an escape for locals and a fascinating excursion for tourists, the gardens are often hosts to festivals and concerts throughout the year. What makes Tavrichesky Sad different from other attractions in Russia is its unique layout and unforgettable magnificence. Visitors to St. Petersburg should not miss out on the opportunity to walk where history unfolded.


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