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Russia: A Highlight of Every Saint-Petersburg Stay

The beauty and romance of the city is now widely known, so expecting a Cinderella-like experience in St. Petersburg is commonplace! Nevertheless, lodgings and victuals in a country under decades of communist rule must raise a few doubts in the minds of novices to Russia. Indeed there is considerable justification for such trepidation, but fortunately St. Petersburg is an oasis of pampered luxury in terms of a place to stay.

The Eliseev Palace Hotel is close to how you might imagine the Czars lived! Nothing you may read about this leading place of residence for the city’s visitors, can quite prepare you for your reception on arrival-unless you are the Queen of England! Even the ride from the airport is uneventful though comfortable, and you are too busy soaking in the sights in any case!

The facade of the hotel takes your breath away on first glance, and the first impressions of the lobby set your pulse racing! Why did you not plan an extra night’s stay here, and will there be a glitch with your credit card? The hotel staff is thorough but courtesy never leaves their sides. You might have a whole new impression of Russians if your existing one is largely based on Putin!

Though the Eliseev has a sprinkling of rooms for accompanying flunkies, nothing less than a suite will do for a great St. Petersburg experience! You can spend hours admiring the artifacts and artistic touches which meet every glance around the interiors, until you are invited to a friend’s allotted quarters! Each suite has a character of its own, and you would do well to take up every offer to take a tour of all the vacant suites! The hotel is a bit like living in a gallery of art!

Though the civil structure and its core style date back to the 19th century, the hotel has been restored of late, and has such modern touches as television and a fitness center. You can always catch up with such plebian pursuits later, for it makes best sense to spend all your time at this elegant symbol of the past in places such as the Cigar Room, the Spa, and banqueting in most decadent manner in one of the stylish restaurants in the hotel.

It would be remiss to make no mention of the vast repertoire of architecture, culture and the arts which awaits you in the city, but be forewarned that your sumptuous feast for the senses at the Eliseev and the Butler service will leave you sorely tempted not to step out of the hotel long past tour times!


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