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Russia: The Kremlin, the Palace of Russia

Few structures in the world create thoughts of wonder, fear, and awe the way the Kremlin in Moscow provides. Since its inception in the 14th century, the Kremlin has been the home of the leaders of Russia. Representing the heart of Russian politics, the Kremlin is the driving force of life within this country.

Encompassing over 68 acres, the Kremlin is a testament to the wonders of architecture. Within the walls, 2235 meters long, are buildings that represent the true power of Russian rule. At the heart is Cathedral Square and its three churches. The Cathedral of the Domition, completed in 1479, is the palace where the Tsars were crowned. Next is the Cathedral of the Annunciation and its nine gilded domes. The last of the three is the Cathedral of the Archangel Michael, which is the final resting place for many members of the royal families.

To help with the defense of Moscow, Ivan the Great had the Bell Tower erected in the northeast corner of the Kremlin. This provided a lookout for any invaders to the city. Reaching a height of 266 feet, this tower is said to rest at the true center of Moscow.

When planning your trip to Russia and Moscow and the Kremlin you will want to book time at the museums. Many of the building previously mentioned here have become museums, representing the great wonders of Russia. To see how the Tsars lived and dressed, take a tour of the Armoury Chamber which houses the ceremonial dresses, gold and silverware, gifts, royal carriages, and other ceremonial regalia.

As you, visit the Red Square in Moscow set aside plenty of time for the museums of the Kremlin. You will experience the true artistry and power of humanity in a setting that still houses the rulers of this magnificent land.


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