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Russian Bicycle Tour Tips

There are a variety of options available to tourists who are visiting the fascinating and historic country of Russia. One of the tour options that is growing in popularity is bicycle tours. Some visitors choose to partake in self-guided tours of various cities or when traveling from one destination to the next. But guided bicycle tours are recommended, as guides are able to take visitors off the beaten path and show them a world they never knew existed in Russia. Of course there are a few tips and suggestions for those who still prefer to brave a new country on their own.

For cyclists enjoying the self-guided tour of Russia there are a number of sites that are worth exploring. Many tour operators suggest the trip from Moscow to St. Petersburg, which takes cyclists on an 800 kilometer journey filled with natural beauty and historical wonder. Along the way, a number of towns and villages provide good resting spots and offer their own unique attractions to explore. Towns such as Novgorod are home to historical masterpieces such as the Novgorod Kremlin and the Sophia Cathedral. Taking a bicycle tour of the Golden Ring will bring cyclists in contact with unusual attractions, including the Ghosts and Spooks Museum in the town of Uglich and the fascinating Mouse Museum that is located in Myshkin. Other towns located on this route include Yaroslavl, Suzdal, Vladimir and Kostroma.

Tour operators also offer these two routes as a part of their package, and combine their routes with visits to the most popular sites in the country. On the Golden Ring Tour, which takes approximately twelve days to complete, cyclists will be guided to breathtaking natural features, such as the Volga River, as well as quaint countryside churches, historical villages and ancient monasteries. Another popular tour is the Ladoga Tour that includes the Valaam Nature Reserve, and the Republic of Karelia Tour, which takes cyclists to the Kivach Waterfall and other picturesque reserves. Routes vary in difficulty and in length, and visitors should also look into the Lake Baikal adventures. A bicycle tour of Russia is the ideal way to explore the landscapes, meet the locals, view the attractions and take part in the magnificent outdoor activities on offer. It combines the unmatched peacefulness of nature with the colorful heritage of Russia.


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