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Russian High Society at the Races

Horse racing in Russia has faced many obstacles over the years and is now beginning to follow the examples of racing industries around the world, trying to re-establish old traditions and bring back the thrill and excitement of being a spectator. And more recently, attending a horse racing event in Russia has become very fashionable, in more ways than one, attracting everyone from the working class to the socialites.

The next upcoming event, which will see some of the most famous faces in Russia attending, is the All-Russia Derby Prize. This race forms part of the Russian Breeders’ Cup Championship. It is not only the chance to place a wager on a favorable horse that lures the spectators in their droves, but the competitions and the clothing that ranges from conservative to outrageous, but still respects the strict dress code that is enforced by the Russian horse racing industry.

Women from all walks of life, but especially the socialites, view the races as a good excuse to meet other famous citizens and to visit the most exclusive boutiques and designers that Russia has to offer. Not only do the dresses the women wear make a huge fashion statement, but it is usually all about the hats. With feathers, gems, extravagant styles and unique chic creations adorning their heads, the races are a gathering of color and eye-catching outfits. Men are required to wear suits, and even they tend to step out in tailor made attire for these festive occasions.

It is not unusual to see ice skating champions, businessmen, actors, politicians, billionaires and musicians attend racing events, as they sometimes have a little more interest in the racing than the clothing and networking opportunities, as there is often a horse in the starting gates that belongs to them. Visitors to Russia should try to attend a horse racing event while visiting the country, as they will not only have the opportunity to rub shoulders with the high society of Russia, but show off a little style of their own. For fashion, thrills, excitement and celebration, horse racing is an attraction in Russia that has it all.


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