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Saint Basil's Cathedral Celebrates Anniversary

Saint Basil's Cathedral has survived wars and winters to now celebrate its 450th year of existence. This historical masterpiece is located in the Red Square of Moscow, and was commissioned by Tsar Ivan the Terrible. Construction began in 1555 and was completed in 1561. Due to the historical significance of the cathedral, renovations of approximately $14 million have been done to the structure to keep it in pristine condition. The observance to celebrate this landmark anniversary will continue for fourth months.

Originally the cathedral was known as the Cathedral of the Intercession of the Virgin by the Moat, but became known as Saint Basil's Cathedral, named after Basil the Blessed, who was buried on the site the cathedral was constructed. What makes the cathedral so spectacular are the colors that catch a visitor’s attention as they approach the structure. The nine domes of the cathedral are onion shaped and multicolored, and make the building a breathtakingly beautiful piece of architecture. Another feature that sets the cathedral apart from other structures is the architectural style, as there is no other building that was constructed in the same era that has the same characteristics as the cathedral. Its detailed design and complex construction is still marveled at today by modern day architects. Designers and architects of the original structure used one foundation to construct nine churches, producing an effect that makes the cathedral look like rising flames. In 1928, the cathedral became a part of the State Historical Museum and in 1929 it was secularized.

Since 1990, the cathedral has been on the UNESCO World Heritage Site listings, along with the Red Square and the Kremlin. Restoration is an ongoing process to preserve this wonderful attraction for future generations. Thousands of visitors walk through the cathedral each year, soaking up its beauty, the legends and miracles that have been chronicled and are associated with the cathedral and Saint Basil.


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