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Siberia May Be Colder Than What You Expected!

Siberia is even colder than you thought, but still way beyond a wasteland for political prisoners! Though Siberia’s latitude makes you wish you had fur, the countryside is much greener and full of life than you may think. It is an exceptional place for a vacation with a difference, though you should not look for creature comforts any more than you would on a tip to Outer Space!

Siberia has a surprising wealth of natural springs, for a place which so chills one to the bone. A combination of physically demanding hiking in the wild outdoors, followed by alternate dips in cold and hot water can make a new and fitter person out of every city slicker.

The Sayan mountain range, with the Shumak river gurgling at its feet is one of the best travel destinations for the adventurous and ecology minded, anywhere in the world. The underground springs are rich in both mineral deposits and natural life forms, which are said to contribute to the health-giving properties of the water. The river banks are rich in medicinal herbs as well, though the average person brought up on western medicine can only gaze upon the plants pointed out by guides, rather than to experiment on their leaves and fruits!

Summer is obviously the most civilized time to travel to Siberia, but unfortunately, much of the rest of the world knows this as well! People flock to the springs and rather basic lodgings in the environs of the Shumak River in droves not unlike clouds of migrating birds! Nevertheless, a few hours of steep climbing up mountainsides, will reward one with gorgeous views in the most isolated surroundings. Horses are available for those in less than peak condition, but even riding these sure footed animals, makes your heart and lungs work overtime!

Getting to the Shumak River can be quite an adventure in itself, as the area is so isolated and poorly connected. You can helicopter in and out if you have more money than time! Though you may complain during your stay about the ardors on what is supposed to be a holiday, you will be glad for your newly glowing skin and exhilarating feeling when you are back home!


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