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Sikachi-Alyan Village

There are not many traditional villages and tribes left in Russia as modernization has inevitably forced change on them or younger generations have moved away to find jobs and prosperity in the cities. Fortunately some have survived, and approximately forty kilometers from Khabarovsk is a small village by the name of Sikachi-Alyan. This picturesque destination in Russia has gained fame for the breathtaking landscapes that surround it, and for the ancient petroglyphs that tell the history of Sikchi-Alyan. It is here that visitors to Russia will discover the tranquil way of life of the Nanai.

Surrounding Sikachi-Alyan, visitors will find nothing but green and lush vegetation. The hills seem to carry on forever and the forests embrace the village in beauty and wildlife. Here the Nanai have been carving an existence from fishing and hunting for centuries. Their tranquil lifestyle is presently being threatened by the encroaching logging businesses and the river that has been losing its fish life due to high levels of copper and oil in the water. But the Nanai are hopeful that they will be able to remain here for years to come.

Simple wooden homes dot the village and fishing boats wait patiently for their owners on the river banks. There are approximately ten thousand Nanai left in the country, with Sikachi-Alyan being home to three hundred and fifteen. Most of the younger villagers speak Russian, with only a few of the older residents still speaking the original Nanai language. Attractions close to the town include the small Museum of the Indigenous Culture of the Amur River, which is dedicated to documenting the history of the Nanai. The petroglyphs of Sikachi-Alyan were first documented by Pallady Kafarov, an olientalist from Russia, and in 1895, an article written by P.I. Vetlitsin was published describing these ancient carvings. They have also been added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site's tentative list, confirming their historical importance and uniqueness. Locals are friendly and it is recommended to ask a guide for assistance, as they will be able to explain all the wonders of Sikachi-Alyan and ensure an unforgettable adventure. Visiting Sikachi-Alyan will provide tourists with the insight into an ancient tribe and a destination that offers countless photographic opportunities.


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Mark Gwynn - 2010-01-04 12:41:01

Very good article, although being part of the "UNESCO World Heritage Site" would definetly not be a good thing. It is nothing less than another arm of a One World Government entity, and no friend to freedom!

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