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Social Networking Dimensions of Russian Singles

The lure of a sexy Russian girl appeals to many men in the United States. There are matching numbers of single women in Russia who would look forward to a family and a life in the land of opportunity. The romance between citizens in the two countries is largely genuine and heartfelt, yet large numbers of people of both sexes and both sides are cheated in more than one way.

The Internet is an unwitting medium for villainy. People believe so much in contacts they make on the Web, that men in the U.S. are known to send thousands of dollars for travel documents and air tickets, only to find that the sexy Russian girl of their dreams is actually a male crook, who impersonates the entire interaction, using surrogate photographs and audio calls as well! This kind of cheating is not discriminatory: women from abroad may also be cheated by U.S. men who turn out to be criminals, or people who unleash violence on spouses ‘bought’ from abroad.

Social networking is so popular on the Internet, that it is not realistic to think of severing links between single women in Russia and men in the United States. However, it is best to seek introductions through established and reputed agencies. Another way is to travel abroad, meet in person, spend time together, get to know families, and then take the plunge. Sending money for travel to a person you have never met in real life is really asking for trouble.

U.S. law actually forbids these kinds of social transactions unless the intended spouse from abroad and the Administration have full background information and evidence about prospective grooms from the country. This procedure can take quite a long time, and some people have experienced trauma and break-ups over the waiting periods. Therefore, U.S. men who would like to find brides in Russia should start by completing all requirements under the Marriage Broker Regulation Act, apart from background checks on their intended brides, before committing themselves fully.

The Internet is a great medium for chats and online friendships, but it is no substitute for the face-to-face interaction in physical terms that must precede a binding relationship.


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