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Space Tourism 2013

The dream to visit outer space is an adventure only few can enjoy, and most of the time that privilege falls to trained astronauts. For a while, people who were able to afford this wonderful adventure could enjoy a trip to the International Space Station, but since 2009, this facility has not been available. Recently, an announcement was made that the United States tour company Space Adventures and Russia have been in negotiations, and will re-open this journey in the year 2013. This news will not only benefit everyone involved but be a new beginning for Space Tourism as an industry.

The very first space tourist to go to the International Space Station was Denis Titio in the year 2001. Six more space tourists followed in his footsteps and in 2009, Guy Laliberte was the last space tourist to enjoy eleven days in space. The Soyuz capsules that are used by Russia to transport space tourists only seat three, limiting the number of people who can go on the trips. NASA is preparing to retire its old shuttles, which means that only professionals are able to make use of the Soyuz space ships. Russia hopes that by 2013, they can increase the production of Soyuz space ships to at least four or a five a year, making more spacecrafts available to space tourists.

Speaking to the press in regard to the regeneration of space tourism, the Chairman of Space Adventures, Eric Anderson, commented that:” It's a great indication of the market and the fact that we're able to restart with the Russians. I think it's notable this is the first time the capacity for an additional launch has specifically been increased based on the market demand.” He went on to say that "We've got a number of people who have expressed interest over the years who are waiting with bated breath for us to come out with the dates for these new opportunities. So a lot of things are going to start happening as of today." It seems that with interest already on the rise, the space tourism program will be beneficial for both the United States and Russia.


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