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Spectacular Tours Along Russia’s Waterways

Russia has always been a popular destination with tourists, a mysterious country filled with history, visions of secret romances, noteworthy attractions and magnificent regal architecture. Walking through the streets once roamed by tsars and legendary Russian leaders, visitors are swept away on a journey of royalty, war, love, deception and revolution. Many visitors choose to drive from one destination to another, while others have discovered an alternative way to explore the beauty and splendor of the Russian cities – river cruises.

Most of the imperial cities of Russia were built along the waterways of the country, and viewing these breathtaking architectural landmarks and monuments from the river banks gives visitors the opportunity to see Russia from a different perspective. Numerous routes are available from various companies that specialize in river cruises. Some routes are between eight to thirteen days, while others last between fourteen and seventeen days, depending on the chosen tour.

English speaking guides will take international visitors on inspiring and educational tours along the scenic lakes, rivers and canals, filling tourists in on the history of every brilliant building, while they marvel at attractions such as the Winter Palace, Catherine’s Summer Palace, the Kremlin, Hermitage Museum, GUM Department store and the Red Square. River cruises also take visitors to the Golden Ring Cities, Yaroslavl, Kizhi Island, Catherine’s Great Odessa, Sevastapol, Kazan and Uglich, while traveling along the Dnieper River, the Black Sea and the Lower Volga River. The cruises also allow visitors to catch a glimpse of the rolling landscapes of the Russian countryside, the quaint villages that are tucked away in spellbind surroundings, and the breathtaking regions on the river banks, which often go unnoticed.

All cruises include accommodation and meals and ensure the safety of passengers at all times. Guides and staff on board the river cruises are dedicated to make certain that all the needs of passengers are met and that the tour is not only enjoyable, but educational and inspiring. River cruises are unique in almost every way. Few visitors see as many sights and experience a great adventure as offered by the cruise companies. Discovering the secrets of ancient Russia from the waters that saw everything come to pass is exceptional, comfortable and captivating.


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