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Surgut – Business and Leisure Destination

The city of Surgut in Russia is the second largest city in the Tyumen Oblast and the largest in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug. The city was founded in 1594 by order of Tsar Feodor I, the son of renowned Ivan the Terrible and Anastasia Romanovna. Feodor I was the last Rurikid Tsar of Russia.

In the 1960s Surgut became a prominent center for oil and gas production which resulted in the rapid urbanization of the city with people from other parts of Russia settling there in search of employment. The population almost tripled in the period 1970 to 1979 going from about 34,000 to 107,000. The population poll in 1995 recorded the population as 287,047. On 25 June 1965 Surgut was given the designation of being a city and this event is celebrated annually on 12 June. Surgut remains a major processing center for natural gas and crude oil which is extracted in the region.

Surgut serves as a crucial transportation center due to its large mechanized river-port facility, railroad junction, large airport and oil pipeline. A railroad serves as a link between the city and the gas field situated at Urengoy to the northeast. The city has two large thermal power plants which provide electric power to the majority of the gas and oil industries in western Siberia, making Surgut the primary regional producer of energy.

The Surgut Bridge, which was inaugurated in September 2000, is an engineering marvel, being a single-towered cable-stayed bridge that is 2,070 meters in length with its central span at 408 meters long. It is considered to be longest single-towered cable-stayed bridge in the world. The Surgut Bridge spans the width of the Ob River. The erection of the bridge was overseen by the mayor of Surgut, Alexander Leonidovich Sidorov.

The zoo in Surgut was opened in September 1980 and contains 20 species of mammals, 42 species of birds, 9 species of reptiles and 29 species of fish with a total of more than 750 specimens. The Surgut zoo is a popular leisure destination for tourists as well as locals. There is also a museum of regional history in the city which provides interesting insight into the history and culture of Surgut and the surrounding areas. Surgut has a number of educational centers, including institutes for musical training and the development of technical skills.

Surgut is a city that honors traditions of ancient times, while at the same time looking to the future that offers many possibilities to the people living in this prospering region of Russia.


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