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Take Time to Explore Yekaterinburg's Museums

Visitors to Yekaterinburg will find more than thirty museums offering a host of information on the history, culture, geology and other aspects of this vibrant Russian city and its surroundings. For visitors interested in nature and geology, the Nature Museum, Museum of Natural History and Ural Geological Museum are must-see attractions, while those who are interested in the development of technology in Russia may want to add the Museum of Photography, the Science & Engineering Museum and the Radio Museum to their itinerary. The Museum of Fine Arts lives up to its name with an astounding collection of both local and international works of art and other items, and the Gamayun Center of Folk Arts and Artistic Handicraft offers a window into the cultural past of Russia.

Overseen by the Ural State Mining University, the Ural Geological Museum was established in 1937, primarily as a training base for students and a research facility. With more than eighty thousand items the collection represents more than 600 types of minerals, many of which are very rare, such as the enormous smoky quartz crystal dubbed "Malyutka" which weighs 784 kg. The museum is also home to one of the world’s largest collections of gold and emeralds. The Regional Natural History Museum is one of the oldest and biggest museums of its kind in the Ural region. Cooperating with other museums in neighboring regions, the museum is also used as a research center.

The Gamayun Center of Folk Arts and Artistic Handicraft is located in a two-floored wooden house that was once the home of a local merchant. The name Gamayun is taken from ancient Russian folklore and refers to a bird that is said to protect craftsmen. In addition to displaying arts and crafts, the museum offers classes to teach traditional crafts such as wood engraving and stone cutting.

The Museum of Photography is a state run institution focusing on the development of the art of photography from the very beginning. Visitors can view the very earliest pinhole cameras, as well as slide and movie projection equipment. With the décor reminiscent of an old-style photographer's studio, the museum also has a large collection of photographs by Russian and foreign photographers.

Other museums in Yekaterinburg include the Museum of History of Stone-Cutting and Jeweler's Art, the Nevyansk Icon Museum, the Reshetnikov Museum, and the Mamin-Sibiryak Literary Memorial Museum.


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