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The Diamond Chamber of Russia

News, rumors, and pressures about money from diamonds being used for violent purposes in some parts of Southern Africa, has both wholesale and retail buyers in doubt. Could it be that a beautiful ring or other exquisite jewelry pays for arms and ammunition to oppress some poor indigenous communities?

Commercial interests have to balance humanitarian ones. The demand for diamonds is not about to ease off anytime soon, and in fact the rising incomes in populous countries such as China and India means that the world will need high quality stones, cut and finished to the best standards, in enormous amounts. The net result is that everyone requires a reliable source of quality diamonds within an ethical business framework.

Enter the Diamond Chamber of Russia. This most professionally run organization acts as a meeting forum for buyers and sellers of diamonds on the world stage. The surface deep under the earth in Siberia is remarkably similar to that in countries such as Botswana though mining in the harsh Arctic conditions can be daunting. The Diamond Chamber of Russia has a wide network, which covers the entire country, and which delivers stones of specified quantities and quality at transparently negotiated prices, to any interested buyer anywhere on the globe. Small wonder that traditional leaders in the business such as de Beers have tapped in to Russia diamond supplies in such a big way.

Diamonds are symbolic of the new Russia. They represent the vast wealth of this new nation with an ancient past, and are typical of how much value the country can deliver to the world. Russian diamonds have been appreciated by the most knowledgeable experts in the business, and the country has an adequate bank of expertise and skills to meet all dimensions of demand.

Everyone with any interest in the global diamond industry can benefit from strong links with the Russian Chamber. It will help you stay in touch with local trends, whether you are a buyer or a seller, and provide you with a sound bed-rock of contacts on the basis of which to develop your enterprise. Add sparkle and more value to your jewelry business through the Diamond Chamber of Russia.


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