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The Garage Centre for Contemporary Culture in Moscow

Art and culture lovers visiting Russia should make sure that they don’t miss the Garage Centre for Contemporary Culture (GCCC) when touring Moscow. This fantastic venue offers visitors a chance to soak in local contemporary culture at an appealing and fashionable venue.

One of the things that makes this venue so interesting is its location. The building now housing the centre is one of Moscow’s architectural landmarks – the former Bakhemetevsky Bus Garage. The bus garage was designed by Russian architect Konstantin Melnikov and built in 1926. For many years it was an undeniable landmark in Moscow. However times change and many years later the bus garage was no longer what it once used to be. It need to be given new life and that is when Darya Zhukova, girlfriend of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, stepped in. Instead of deciding to tear the building down, Zhukova saw the buildings potential to be converted into an institution that could continue to serve the community.

Darya Zhukova’s vision was to create a non-profit institution dedicated to displaying contemporary art in Moscow. And that is exactly what she has done. The realization of her dream started when she hired London-based architect Jamie Fobert to redesign and renovate the interior of the building. The 8 500 square meters of floor space now features a lecture hall, a theatre, a bookshop, a café, an education centre and plenty of exhibition space. The outside building may be somewhat of an architectural and historical landmark, but the inside is contemporary and youthful. The Garage, as it is more commonly known, has already housed exhibitions by Russia’s leading exhibition artists, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, as well as by other well-known Russian artists. Artists from other countries, such as Francois Pinault and Rafael Lozano Hemmer, have also displayed their work here. During one of the exclusive events housed in what is now Moscow’s largest, fully flexible exhibition venue, British singer Amy Winehouse dazzled audiences with her soothing voice and hip style. This is certainly a venue that is going to grow into something even more with time. So make sure you don’t miss it if you visit Moscow!


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