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The Grandiose Ostankino Park

Located outside of Moscow, Ostankino Park is one of the rare historical jewels of Russia. Once the estate of the Cherkassky Dynasty and the Sheremetevs; the park now lies oddly between exhibition grounds and the Ostankino TV Center. None-the-less, the Ostankino Park is a popular attraction and a preserved part of the country’s heritage. It not only offers visitors numerous statues and sites to explore, but is home to the Ostankino Palace, constructed from wood, and host to a variety of treasures and artifacts from the past.

The estate had its beginnings in the sixteenth century, but was a mere manor with various other buildings. It was later plundered and burnt to the ground during the well known Times of Troubles. The land exchanged owners until the marriage of Count Petr Sheremetev and Varavara Cherkasskaya in 1743, when the estate became part of the Sheremetev legacy. The family remained on the land throughout the entire eighteen century. The wooden palace, however, was only constructed during the years 1792 – 1798, after Nikolai Sheremetev inherited the land from his father in 1787. The palace was built shrouded in secrecy, and not even visitors were allowed to enter the grounds until construction was completed. The care Nikolai took with the interior of the palace is still evident today. Ostankino Park was brought under the control of the state in 1918.

Visitors to Ostankino Palace will be able to view unique Chinese ceramics, breathtaking gilt furniture and a massive collection of fans, to name but a few well maintained relics. The gardens surrounding the palace are just as exquisite, with landscaped beds and a theater that was inaugurated in 1795. In the year 2000 renovations were done to the theater’s structure and today it hosts numerous classical performances. The Church of Trinity, constructed in the 1600s, is also located on the grounds and is the only remaining structure from the Cherkassky days of ownership. Reproductions of famous statues and a variety of pavilions are also amongst the attractions in the park. Visiting Ostankino Park is an unforgettable experience, as it is a window into the history of Russia and a marvelous example of the architectural capabilities of the time.


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