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The Luxury Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express

The Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express is a joint Russian-British project and is the first private tourist train in Russia. Despite the price of approximately $19,000 for a Gold Class ticket and $16,000 for Silver Class, the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express has been sold out since its inaugural trip in May 2007.

Travelers on the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express can expect the ultimate level of luxury. The Gold Class two-berth cabins have air conditioning, a luxury shower cabin, heated floors and high quality, comfortable furniture. This class of cabin also has a DVD-player, LCD television screen and internet access. The train boasts a hairdressing salon and medical facilities, with a qualified doctor on board. The two restaurant cars, complete with a fully stocked bar, offer Russian and Siberian menus with many tasty treats for passengers to enjoy.

The fifteen day eastbound journey of the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express starts off with a tour to places of interest in Moscow, which includes a visit to Red Square and the Kremlin, before boarding the train in the late afternoon. The first stop on the following morning allows travelers to explore Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan on the Volga River. A highlight of the day is a visit to the Kremlin fortress that has been declared a UNESCO world heritage site.

The Golden Eagle crosses the Europe/Asia divide on day four, and travelers are given the opportunity to stand with one foot in each continent during their visit to Yekaterinburg, a capital city of the Urals. On day five the group will visit the modern “Soviet” city of Novosibirsk and tour the world’s largest opera house as well as Lenin Square and the mineral museum. Day six is spent relaxing on board the Golden Eagle as it speeds east.

Day seven is spent exploring the many sights in the city of Irkutsk, which is considered by many to be the “Paris of Siberia”. The uniquely beautiful Lake Baikal will be the focus of day eight, as travelers enjoy the awe-inspiring scenery of the snow-covered mountains in the distance. The brave can take an opportunity for a swim in the crystal-clear waters of Lake Baikal while the group enjoys a barbecue on the shore.

Day nine offers a look at the interesting local culture and history of the people in Ulan Ude, the capital of the Buryat Republic, while enjoying a traditional meal, music and dancing. Day ten features a visit to Ulaan Baatar, the capital of Mongolia. A trip to the National Museum gives insight on the legendary ruler, Gengis Khan, as well many other aspects of this area.

Days eleven, twelve and thirteen are spent on board the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express, relaxing, watching DVDs and socializing with new-found friends. Day fourteen is spent exploring the vast city of Vladivostok with tours, including a visit to a restored submarine, before spending the last night of the tour in a luxury hotel.

The Russian tourism industry anticipates that the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express will be a rewarding and memorable experience for travelers. This may lead to touring by train becoming a popular tourist activity, giving many more travelers the opportunity for the experience of a life-time.


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