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The Mystical World of Shamanism in Siberia

Shamanism refers a religion or set of traditional beliefs that typically involve communication with spirits, with the shaman taking on the role of spiritual leader, practicer of magic and healer. There are many forms of shamanism, with the practice of it in Siberia being widespread and diverse. The traditions and beliefs of shamanism have ben passed down through the generations. Communities often rely on shaman to reveal omens, contact spirits and even heal the sick, by performing their rituals and rites, looking to shaman for guidance in many aspects of their lives.

Even though shamanism does differ between communities around the globe, there are a few practices that remain the same. To invoke the spirits, shamans incite themselves into a trance through meditating, singing, drumming, dancing and smoking cannabis, to name a few. Animal spirit guides relay messages to the shamans, and animals therefore play a vital role in shamanism. During the performing of certain rituals, it is believed that the spirit of the shaman enters the supernatural world and shamans are also believed to be healers. They can either cause suffering, or heal illnesses and assist a community in resolving problems. Shamans are said to have the power to interpret dreams, control weather conditions and by being able to astral project, they are the intermediaries between the spirits and the natural world.

In Siberia, most ethnic groups embrace shamanism and it is the one of the few locations where shamanism is accepted in such high concentration. Many groups outside of Siberia have also adopted their practices and beliefs. Singing and animal sounds is very important and therefore, many shamanic songs contain the imitating of birds and other animals while the song is sung. It is often believed that while imitating animals, a shaman can transform into that a particular animal and that magic spells can be cast during the singing of these traditional songs.

Shamans do not choose their occupation, but it is a gift that is generally passed down through the family, or someone who is chosen by the spirits. For many communities, shamans are vital to their way of life – healing, predicting and communicating messages from the supernatural world. And in Siberia, shamanism is the only way of life to many.


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