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The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts

It would be most unusual to visit Russia without Moscow in the itinerary. Russian attractions are dispersed far and wide, but even so most trips to the rigors of Siberia, or to the salubrious climes bordering the Black Sea, include a sojourn to the capital city. It is not that Moscow needs any crutches to attract visitors! Few other cities can match its architecture, history, and character. The Russian economy has not shed its Soviet centralization as yet, so everyone who wants to do business with Russia has to visit Moscow.

Sight-seeing time in Moscow is obviously limited on a Russian business trip, but even a vacation in Russia leaves Moscow with more attractions than the average stay duration can accommodate. The vast majority of Moscow visitors are left with frustrating compromises on what they must see, and the rest which must wait for another trip! Here is a suggestion for something which will remain in your memory for ever!

The name of the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts does not make a clear impression for those familiar with the Russian jewels of the humanities. Pushkin was a celebrated poet, so does this institution house his works? Factually, this is one of the best museums in Europe, with a collection that can live any curator or enthusiast spellbound!! The imposing building, unlike the name, is not misleading in terms of what is inside: the classic architectural style sets the right mood for the wonders inside! The Cathedral of Christ the Savior is a befitting neighbor for the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, and lends an imposing ambience on the entire locality.

No worthwhile museum should be parochial in its collection, and the main impression that the studious visitor will carry away, is the liberal and broad minded perspectives of the people who have put together the collection, and looked after it for decades. It shows Russians in a different light compared to common and disparaging notions of communists and the stalwarts of the Soviet era! Few visitors have the stamina to see even a decent part of the entire collection here, so it is worth pouring over a floor plan, and rush through one’s top choices! We may expect native Russians to favor delectable pieces of the best of the Renaissance, but international visitors would do well to check out the bewitching Moscow Mathematical Papyrus first!


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